Tag: Imperial


  • Captain Ravenna Lush

    Captain Lush is an up and coming Imperial Officer, born in the Hapes Cluster. She was in command of the Imperial Star Destroyer Arbitrator and tasked with patrolling the Daantooine sector. After the battle over the planet, her ship was heavily …

  • Taht Sathe

    Taht is the Sienar Fleet Systems rep to the Boabab Merchant Fleet. He is far less charming than most of the other representatives here. He prefers to speak directly though he keeps from being rude or insulting. There is an underlying edge to his tone …

  • Crystal Ettenile

    The Imperial diplomat in charge of dealing with the Boabab family. She acts more like a rich socialite than someone with the backing of the Empire, leaving the scowling to her bodyguard.