Taht Sathe

Sienar Fleet Systems Representative


It is difficult to determine how old Taht Sathe is. His short stature and boyish features would place him as a young man. His receding and gray hair, combined with his intense scowl, are better for a man in middle age. He adorns himself in gold to show off his wealth, from the gold cowl on his neck and shoulders to the gold armored gloves on his hands.


Taht is the Sienar Fleet Systems rep to the Boabab Merchant Fleet. He is far less charming than most of the other representatives here. He prefers to speak directly though he keeps from being rude or insulting. There is an underlying edge to his tone though, as he is well aware of his company’s favor with the Empire.

Taht Sathe is usually accompanied by between ten and twenty Sathe Security soldiers. They are easily identifiable by their black uniforms with silver piping (as well as the large Sathe Security target symbol on their back). He is always transported via a small repulsorlift chair drawn by a pair of alien slaves.

Recently, Kingslayer Squadron learned that he hired the Red Blades to kill Rumors and Whispers on Manda. He thinks they were there to ruin one of his deals.

Taht Sathe

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