Location Mid-Rim, The Slice
Sector Manda Sector
System Manda System
*Suns*1: Manda Prime
Grid Coordinates R-15
Trade Routes Manda Merchant Route; Manda-Roon Merchant Route

Points of Interest
Boabab Archives
Boabab Merchant Fleet Complex
Boabab Merchant Marine Academy
The Blue Nebula Cantina
The Manda Bazaar
Imperial Customs Space Station

Native Species Humans
Primary Languages Basic; Bocce

An important trade planet with the largest non-Imperialized trade fleet in the galaxy. It is nominally ruled by Imperial Governor Fervin Matal, but the Boabab Family is the true power on Manda.

The Alliance wants to bring Manda into the Rebellion. With the Boabab family’s resources in ships and logistics, not to mention the wellspring of possible recruits from the Marine Acadamey, the planet could prove to be a stepping stone to securing the Mid-Rim and the Slice.


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